A Box full of Culture and Colours



“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”
― George Bernard Shaw

I, solemnly swear that I have the most creative friends in the entire world and, YES they make me want to prance around in excitement because ‘DESIGN IS LIFE”. 

So you know there are some friends who inbox you their work now and then, and that’s how life rolls. They either want you to critique on it or they just want you to add a little bit. So F and I have this kind of ‘friendly lets-share-our-work connection’. He loves showing me his work and I love praising him, because ladies and gentlemen, HE IS GOOD. 

F owns a creative agency called Serial Kolor. They basically develop visual concepts, and design for digital experiences and creative content. Although relatively new in the field, the agency has been producing amazing work. 

The quote above makes so much sense in the current scenario. F had been working on this concept for a while and I had seen glimpses, but I did not know what the complete product was. A little thing about me, I HAVE IMMENSE LOVE FOR STATIONERY, MUGS, COASTERS, BOOKS, CALENDERS, and other office supplies! I knew he was making a calendar but wasn’t quite sure exactly how it was, until I had it in my hand, and guess what it completely took me by surprise. You have NO idea how excited I am since I opened my package. 

1. Tea Coasters

A Box full of culture and colour - 1

These beautiful Tea Coasters are full of Pakistani Nationalism. 1-The National Flag. 2 – The National Fish (Mahasher). 3 – The National Monument (Pakistan Monument Islamabad). 4 – The National River (River Indus). 5 – The National Instrument (Dafli). 6 – The National Flower (Jasmine).

2. Calender

A Box full of culture and colour - 2

Paired up with the elements of national identity, the front side of the calendar has all the most important events of a Pakistani year!

A Box full of culture and colour - 3

The flip side has all the important dates in bold and the individual months.

A Box full of culture and colour - 4

It’s so bright and beautiful. It took me 15 mins to open, read and praise the whole concept.

A Box full of culture and colour - 5

I mean look at this beautiful February 1. Had the government not banned Basant Festival, I would’ve had this on my desk. #SMH

A box full of culture and colours - 5

Spring is here and nothing is better than having flowers on your desk too! CELEBRATE the arrival of the spring season.

A box full of culture and colours - 6

The calendar is a constant reminder of how rich and beautiful Pakistan is and how fortunate we are to be born in this beautiful country.

A box full of culture and colours - 7

Ofcourse one has to make it special on Valentine’s day, and while we are in the love zone, a card on the desk would constantly remind you, how much you love the cheeky bugger you are spending your life with.

A box full of culture and colours - 8

Such intense ‘Pakistan Day’ feels.

A box full of culture and colours - 9

Labour Day Card to celebrate the hard work we do all year round!

A box full of culture and colours - 10

The Ramzan Card – for the time of the year when we replenish our souls.

A box full of culture and colours - 10

Ofcourse the ‘Happy Birthday Pakistan’ Card.

A box full of culture and colours - 12

The Eid card for the most exciting 3 days of the year.

A box full of culture and colours - 11

A tribute to Iqbal Card.

A box full of culture and colours - 12

Now whichever you celebrate Christmas or Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday, the calendar got you covered. CELEBRATE like there is NO tomorrow.

A box full of culture and colours - 12

These were just some of the cards from the wide range. <3

There is no limit to creativity. Although it is something very simple, but every person I show it to, it fills them up with awe and pride.  I made my mom open it (again), she was literally excited with happy emotions. I know it for a fact that once the year is over, my mom will reuse these by transforming them into a wall hanging.

Don’t forget to let us know, what you thought about the whole design. We are looking forward to hearing some constructive criticism. You can follow Serial Kolor on the following social accounts: 

Instagram: serialkolor

Facebook: Serial Kolor, inc.

Twitter: Serial Kolor, inc. 

Until Next Time


P.s: This is not a paid promotion. I genuinely write for people with amazing creative abilities. My excitement is real. 

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