Resurgence after Reflection

IT HAS BEEN 1 AND A HALF YEAR SINCE I WROTE A BLOG HERE, AT CIRCLING AROUND PLACES. This had to be in capital letters because I can’t believe it too. Also I feel like the old lady in titanic who started her story with a statement just like mine, and trust me when I say this I have the same face. I have no logical explanation to why I stopped, only that ‘LIFE HAPPENED’.

So this post is more of a recap of 2017 and 2018, for both myself and the handful of readers I had. If you are here, thank you very much. I love you from the core of my heart.

(Also I have to add memes because that is my new heart-felt language)


2017 had a great start! First solo trip to Islamabad for best friend’s wedding, was just what I needed for a clear head. I’ve always traveled with a person or a group of people that I know. This was a change I needed to embrace.

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” – Barbara De Angelis

Favourite picture from the wedding chronicles. We were on our way for the mehndi shoot at Shah Allah Ditta. Honestly she even has a kid now, but let’s not even go there.

As soon as I came back, my family and I headed to a weekend trip to Ormara. It was my first time to this beautiful coastal city in Balochistan. Following is the picture of a sunset as seen from the hammerhead. I’ll post a detailed blog about this later.

My life took a U-turn when I landed at a job in a PR firm. Now, I wouldn’t want to comment on the firm itself because this blog post is all about positive vibes, and that was the MOST NEGATIVE work place of my life, but I found my capabilities other than architecture, and worked with some of the greatest clients. LuckyOne being one of the best.

Picture Credits: Saad Saeed

The inauguration of LuckyOne was no easy task, and that too when you have an extremely small team. To take a break from all the chaos, I visited the Nathiagali beach, probably for the 5th time but I can’t tell how excited the whole thing was because of the excessive ‘ME’ time and the nature escape.

Moving on with my year, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the inauguration of the brand WB by Hemani as a Digital and PR manager. I have huge respect for the Hemani family and Wasim Badami. They are one of the most humble people, and awesome clients I must add.

The year then followed with quite a lot of events. May it be organizing, or attending. Here is a very bad photo of me on the Instameet that I organized for Onederland. Weirdly enough, this particular event was a turning point for me, realizing ground realities. Ofcourse nothing in life is perfect, I have to add the sad undertones, acknowledging them would hurt people hence let’s not go there.

Picture Credits: Saad Saeed

Then came the inauguration of the first store of WB by Hemani at Ocean Mall Karachi. The highlight of this event were people who came to meet Wasim Badami. Never in my life have I seen such a crazy crowd (in a good way). Also, due to overcrowding the glass panels of the opposite shop broke. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! 

I think 2017 was amazing for me. New experiences, new learning, new travels. I had been to PNS Himalaya before with a friend of mine, but this time it was with family, the whole of my dad’s side. Big fat family outings are my favourite, chiefly because I LOVE my cousins.  

Adding to new experiences, I hosted a bunch of events too! And if I am not wrong, most of them were in LuckyOne, although I’d have to think about that, but anyway here is a picture of me and Tahleel Khan on the red carpet at the launch of DEFINE.

LET ME HIGHLIGHT this with capitals. One of my favourite mini project till date! I got to go around Karachi with the comedy masala international people, and some of the most amazing bloggers. Thank you Priyanka Pahuja for this opportunity.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I am associated with the navy. ADDING TO MY NEW EXPERIENCES, the tour to the war ships and submarine at the dockyard was a killer experience. I have to add here that I cried coming out of the submarine because it was extremely scary! My dad had to pull me out.

I don’t think I have had long hair since the august of 2017. One of the things that women do, is when shit befalls on their life, they go get a haircut for a ‘NEW DAY – NEW ME’.

We come to the event that took a lot out of me and made me super sick; Pakistan Women Festival. I have a love hate relationship with this project. I loved it, and it hated me. Having said that, I think I met the most inspiring women of Pakistan on this event. As a woman, this particular event added fire to my being, and gave me the strength to do something.

In the midst of PWF, I have to add the Independence Day at LuckyOne last year. It was CRAZY! If you want to see a crowd, visit LuckyOne on an event day especially on a local holiday.

After all the craziness of events, life and quitting job, I finally went to meet my sister in Rahim yar Khan. Following is a picture of Sheikh Zayed International Airport, also known as Rahim Yar Khan Airport, which is famous for international flights to Abu Dhabi. 

I’ll post a detailed blog about this later too.

Fortunately that year, I also flew to Islamabad for WB by Hemani’s first store launch in Islamabad. My first ever 24 hours in a city. I met a bunch of beautiful ladies.

Here, I’d like especially mention Shoot at Sight Productions. I had worked with them on a few projects. What a wonderful bunch of people and I absolutely love their office. I met two of my closest friends there, Rabiya Mughal and Ahsan Khan. The time spent was all about learning and fun.

THE BEST DAMN THING that happened to me in the year 2017 was my first visit to Naltar Valley and Hunza. Stay tuned for a collection of detailed blogs on these too!

I got to experience the first snow fall of the season at Naltar. The view took took my breath away! 

Did I tell you about the time I attended 021 Disrupt. LEARNING, LEARNING AND LEARNING!

And this brings me to the end of 2017. The following picture is from my sister Rabia’s birthday. The dusk of the parting year. To be very honest, I had high hopes for 2018, but it turned out to be pretty monotonous.


Starting from a bunch of events that happened, this year has been all about family weddings, people and food. Here is a picture of a group at Karachi Eat Festival, that later broke. YES, LIFE HAPPENS! But it is okay. I love them all.

Looking at myself right now, I am trying to gather energy to go to a blogger’s meetup. But in the start of the year, I attended them a lot. This is a picture from a blogger’s meetup organized by Tahleel Khan that focused on cyber bullying.

The only travel destination in the year 2018 (I KID YOU NOT) was to Faisalabad and that too, on my cousin’s wedding. My mum’s extended side and only one of my khalas live in Faisalabad. I went there after 12 years. It felt really good.

Oh here is a picture of Ahsan, Rabiya, Hassan and I, from one of our food expeditions after office. These weirdos are my favourite.

A special shoutout to this girl, Noor. Best girlfriend ever! She reminds me of the childhood friendships that we had, only her friendship is mature and nice. Oh so this picture is from an event I did, Popular Style store launch at Atrium Mall, Karachi.

It is funny and a cliché of life, that you fall in love, but you can’t be with them due to circumstances. That is my relationship with architecture. Here is a picture with a bunch of sassy architects (Also my friends) at IAPEX 2018.

More events.. That is me at Beauty and You 2018. One of the most disappointing event I have been to.

Oh yes more weddings… and more family time. 

This is one of the most important pictures. This is me, at my desk in the office at Plan B. Trying to work for myself and make something. Stay tuned because I’ll be reviewing Plan B’s interior.

I have been roaming around Lyari lately. A friend of mine Jaudat Adnan has an architecture thesis on ‘safe spaces for women’ and her target area is Lyari. It has been quite an experience. More to come on a detailed blog.

Last but not the least, another project that I am super proud of: a workshop on ‘Gender Variance and Bodily Diversity’ by Dr Sana Yasir under Leap For Intersex. This project is fairly recent and it has helped me understand not only myself but also people in general.

I am assuming by now you are thinking why did I pour out everything? Well for a story to go on… one must know the start. In order for me to write again, I thought to myself that I needed to patch my story. So here it is… the reasons of not writing blogs: I got carried away in life. BUT! I am back. And although I’ve even said that a lot, I ‘feel’ that I’m back. This time for myself.

I love design and travel, and even at the peak of my existence, I craved it. I wanted to learn, talk, write and photograph it. So even if I enjoyed what I did and made the best out of it, I was stuck. Let’s call it an existential crisis. Life is very short. I just summarized almost 2 years of my life in 1600 words. How can I not do what I love?

So here we are: Circling Around Places again.

Support me, will you?

Until Next Time ✨

– A

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