The Casa Studio By Mina Rizvi

From the last 4 months, I have been preaching ‘research based learning’ and ‘incorporation of daily practices’ that would help us grow mentally, socially, and economically. The more I got to know things, the more I realized I could design better, cost effective and socially responsible. This is probably something everyone knows, but once you enter a professional course, your research level usually shifts to 10%. Consequently, I started off with a thorough research of my own on different levels to be aware of my surroundings and analyse what it has to offer. From the amazing talent to new products, innovative design and social causes, my quest is to know about everything and everyone (QUITE LITERALLY!).

One of the researches I am doing is Market based, finding products and people. I was discussing that with a friend of mine, who told me about the inauguration of ‘The Casa Studio’, and she thought maybe I should check it out, which I of course did.

The Casa Studio, run by Mina Rizvi, is a small retail space, based in Karachi, that sells custom-made textile products. From carpets and mats to cushions and draperies, they have a wide variety. They also make custom-made furniture. The design depends on you. They stock modern, traditional and contemporary designs, but you can order anything that your design requires. They specialize in hand-woven products and printing. I asked Mina to define what is ‘The Casa Studio’, to which she replied:

“The Casa Studio is about designing spaces that reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Whether you want to decorate a living room, family room, dining room or bedroom, we have the products and ideas to suit every need. We pride in working collaboratively with our clients to find the perfect products that satisfy your design style and budget.”

Mina Rizvi has a Bsc (Hons) in Textile Designing. She is a woman in her mid-twenties who understands the traditional and the contemporary need of the market. She has previously worked as a Marketing Manager in Artistic Fabric and Garment Industries Pvt Ltd. Her goal is to be recognized internationally as one of the leading brands for interiors and unique products.

For me, a space is a reflection of the resident. I further asked her about the design of the retail space itself, to which she replied:

“I wanted it to give a natural look with warmth and depth since the product presented has vibrant colours. I think wood is the best material. It gives a very cozy feeling, just like of a home. I wanted people to feel at home, and open up to me and tell me what they want.”

The pictures below are of the retail space and some of the products. If you want to know more about them or wish to see more products, leave a message here or any of the social media accounts of Mina, she will surely get back to you.

The Casa Studio - 1

The display window when you enter. The cushion, the seat cover and the mat are all hand-woven by the local artisans.

The Casa Studio - 2

The beautifully knotted multi-color wall display paired with a subtle printed cloth chair, giving the over all idea of how different things can enhance your space.

The Casa Studio - 3

A comparative combination of the bold, subtle and warm.

The Casa Studio - 4

The over-all view of the shop. Mina used warm wood with bold multi-colors to bring out the dynamism of the space.

The Casa Studio - 5

Favorite Part of the Space! The False ceiling is one of the most beautiful i have seen so far in Karachi. Creativity has no limit. Mina has brought her inner self out on the design of this ceiling.

The Casa Studio - 6

Another creative idea of a false ceiling: Use a Ladder. I was mesmerized with the idea, and couldn’t help thinking what more could be achieved by the same thought process. There are endless possibilities!

The Casa Studio - 7

For a compacted space, this table is a great addition. It opens up and add two more stools, adding up to the seating. You can get it custom-made as per your requirement by the Casa Studio.

The Casa Studio - 8

Custom-made printed seat covers would add uniqueness to your spaces at home. There are times, when we don’t get the right kind of color or the right design, but you may as well get it all together, if you know where to get it. Mina does beautiful prints, according to the clients ideas and the space design.

The Casa Studio - 9

Prints 1: The Yellows and the Oranges.

The Casa Studio - 10

Prints 2: The Clock. Yes. This is a clock! Isn’t it pretty! There is so much you can do with just the ‘Prints’.


Prints 3: The Wall Hangings.

The Casa Studio - 11

The Mats. Different styles, different colors, catering to different needs of different designs.

The Casa Studio - 12

Prints 4: The Subtle Group.

The Casa Studio - 13

The Colorful.

The Casa Studio - 13

Unique Hand-woven Cushions.

The Casa Studio - 14

And Let’s not forget the carpets!

I hope you enjoyed. I would love to hear your stories related to the Casa studio, do share your experience with me.

Until Next Time.


P.s: This post is not paid for. Like I said, it’s a personal market research that I am sharing. But I am still sharing all the details of Mina and her studio, so if you have any queries, call or visit her.

The Casa Studio - 14

Call Mina, and book an appointment, if you wish to get a custom makeover. You will love her.

Address: Shop# 4 Plot# 4C Bukhari Commercial Lane 8. Phase 6 DHA Karach

Phone Numbers: 0322-3810898 or 0300-2483125

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